We are Nomade.

We are developers and creators inspired by new trends that are always ready to take the next step. Being a nomad means that we have the ability to easily adapt ourselves to any situation and that we can quickly find solutions, whatever the situation. We provide an unequalled expertise that covers all the development of your digital strategy.

Our approach

In addition to being a down-to-earth and easy-going team, we’re offering an honest and straightforward approach. Our goal is to work closely with you to achieve your mobile development objectives. We can start working on early, middle and even final stage projects according to your needs.

Our expertise

We’ve been offering mobile solutions in Quebec City for almost a decade now. We’re proud to say that many Quebec organizations have given us their trust day after day, by handing us the mandate to be the closest supplier to their customers. Since 2010, we’ve provided a multitude of native apps solutions and shared with our customers a business relationship based on complicity, adaptability and results. No matter what solutions you need, we have the tools and the experience to make them happen.

Our knowledge

Some companies are offering a wide range or different digital services, but that’s not our case. We’re not making websites or design branding. We’re focusing on mobile solutions. Why? In order to put all our energies in the field that we are passionate about, but also to reach a level of excellence that you can’t find anywhere else. Over time, we mastered advance skills that make us the perfect team to deal with your mobile solutions for iOS devices (iPhone), Android phones and digital tablets. Rigorous standards are applied to each of our development steps, avoiding us the need to do the same job twice.

Our production deadlines

We think that meeting production deadlines are important. That’s why we find important to understand your needs by examining the structure of your project. This evaluation allows us to give you a realistic assessment of production costs and the time needed to develop your mobile solution.