To begin with, the Canada Games is the largest multi-sport event in Canada. The organization counted 14,897 participants, including 3400 athletes and many others. From August 2nd to 17th 2013, Sherbrooke hosted the Games. The organization asked Nomade Solutions Mobiles to develop the first mobile app of its history. Here’s the Canada Games app, the JCG2013 app.

First of all, the mobile app takes full advantage of the Canada Games. Users can experience the games anywhere, anytime. For starters, the schedule is the key feature of the app. Athletes and spectators should be aware of time sport competitions. With Destination Sherbrooke, we developed a dynamic, clear and concise schedule. First, a drop-down menu shows the days of the week. Depending on the date, the sports show up. When the user selects a sport, categories and times are displayed. Then, the user can press the discipline again to hide the details. How convenient!

Furthermore, another feature is the live streaming of events. This way, users can view the competitions without being at the venue. Also, geolocation helps people find themselves in the host city. They have access to a variety of restaurants and places of interest near the Canada Games. Therefore, they can find a place and get directions. Moreover, the app of the Canada Games is fully bilingual. Now, all Canadians can take part in the Games.

In sum, the JCG2013 app offers a quick, simple and efficient experience. Its user interface (UI) is very appealing. We wanted users to find information quickly and efficiently. In the end, 14,410 users benefited from the mobile app, within two weeks. Accordingly, we can say that the app is a success.

About the client

The Canada Games is a multi-sport event for the next athletes. Its first edition was held in 1967, on the occasion of Canada’s 100 years anniversary. Since that time, the Canada Games continue to inspire future athletes. The Games are held every two years. The Council of the Canada Games is the manager of the event. Many work for the success of this event, such as the Government of Canada, and provincial/territorial governments.