CSD Construction

CSD Construction chose to go ahead with a mobile app for his workers. Nomade Solutions Mobiles successfully lived up to the challenge. We are proud to contribute to the syndicate’s technological leap. The CSD Construction app is an iPhone and Android app, available to Quebec members only. Let’s analyze our digital strategy.

First, Nomade‘s digital strategy focuses on the target – construction workers. Therefore, workers can use the app as a mobile advisor. It provides daily information and assistance. With this in mind, users can get advice concerning this area of work and employment assistance service. In connection with this service, the mobile app transmits available positions to the user. The worker chooses to receive them either by e-mail, by text message or by push notifications. Finally, he selects his criteria based on his competencies, area and the type of shift.

Concerning features, the CSD Construction app includes a work time log, a News section, a work time recorder and more. Also, the « What if… » and News section allow workers to get useful information about workers’ rights. Moreover, workers can stay up to date with novelties in their industry. Given these points, this mobile app is very practical. The team created a well-thought digital strategy, from conception to development.

To sum up, construction workers often change jobs since there are many sites and sectors. Therefore, job searching is the number one feature in the mobile app. Shortly after the launch of the app, a user has found a job in 20 minutes. It’s all thanks to the push notifications on his smart phone. Thus, workers can find a job quickly and efficiently. The CSD Construction app is born following the major revision of technology needs in the company. Users can download the iPhone app or the Android app. The app is effective, simple and efficient. We created the perfect tool for construction workers.

About the client

CSD Construction is an independent union founded in 1972. It represents 30 000 construction members. It supports site workers by intervening with political power for legislation changes. Members make decisions together, with a voting system. 11 offices can be found in Quebec. 68 meetings are held in all regions.