EXO Shop

First, EXO serves skate and rock lovers since 1989. St. Roch’s renowned shop offers a unique shopping experience to its customers. It also wants to pursue its goal through a mobile app. The EXO app brings the shop a little further, in front of the technological wave. Nomade Solutions Mobiles is proud to contribute to the skate and rock shop of Quebec city.

Above all, the mobile app makes it easy for customers during their shopping. In fact, customers can view their orders online. In addition, they can get the real-time status through push notifications. Also, they can receive exclusive promotions when they are near the shop. In the end, with My Account, users change their information at will. This is the perfect tool for the perfect shopping experience at EXO.

In sum, the EXO app is extremely convenient for its customers. The app allows them to walk nearby, while waiting for their order. In addition, they offer exclusive promotions for users who are close to the shop. So, shoppers benefit from an enhanced experience. In other words, the store rewards users for their patience. Our team attaches importance to every detail, including user experience (UX). The mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Get an amazing shopping experience today.

About the client

EXO is the best skateshop of Quebec city by far. Since 1989, they are the reference for skateboarding and rock fans. The shop specializes in selling skateboards, clothing, posters, shoes, flags, band t-shirts and more. Besides, EXO supports the skateboarding scene of Quebec and smaller towns of the province.