ew player in ​mobile app dating solutions, Goseeyou storms North America to deliver. The goal? Offer a virtual dating accelerator for singles looking for a long-term relationship.

It’s for his expertise that Nomade Mobile Solutions was approached to develop the platform on iPhone and Android systems. Our team is happy to work on a project as exciting as Goseeyou, which stands out from a distance – thanks to its many exclusive features. Nomad Mobile Solutions has been able to offer a global solution to the needs of the client. Indeed, our team deployed Goseeyou’s visual identity, mobile application layouts, website and server development.

The app offers a daily “SeeYou” number, which allows when used to like the profile of other members. Users can also know who has viewed their profile. Audio and video calls are also integrated into the application, giving members the opportunity to speak directly without providing their phone number. The application is free, but also includes a paid component with some optional features such as a discreet mode to navigate without leaving a trace, as well as additional daily “seeyou”.

The application includes interesting features such as the option to clearly indicate the family situation, an important detail to sort the type of relationship sought by the user. A “serious” icon is also present, thus simplifying the search for potential partners. Goseeyou accelerates the virtual procedure to meet quickly in the real world. This is why after 100 messages exchanged together, the system offers users to meet each other in person at one of GoSeeYou partner trade like a shop, store or restaurant. For it to work, we’ve developed a feature to suggest a meeting to the closest partner trade located between the two users within the discussion.

Apart from finding a life partner, the application allows you to consult the profile of Goseeyou partner trades in order to give you exit ideas. It is also possible to add the restaurant, café, bar or other business to your list of favourite partners.

Goseeyou app, developed in Quebec under an English name, is explained by targeting singles throughout North America.



About the client:

Goseeyou is a platform operated by celibatairequebec.com. Huge dating solutions field player in the Capitale-Nationale since 2014, our client is distinguished by its events and travel offers, but also by its unique concept of friendship-meeting nights without 3 criteria. The company also offers a coaching service and gives conferences, workshops and training throughout the province. Combining a multitude of renowned partners, celibatairequebec is positioning itself at the top by adding to its bow its GoSeeYou mobile platform.