Graines de changement

Nature Québec is a recognized charity. Its mission is to protect the environment. Also, they work on the conservation of nature. For these purposes, Nature Québec chose to create an iPad app, Graines de changements. The Graines de changements app acts as a springboard to expand their mission. It is with great pleasure that Nomade Solutions Mobiles helps Nature Québec. Together, we will protect nature.

To begin with, Graines de changements is an educational app about urban agriculture. The program is for teachers and students from 8 to 14 years. In fact, urban agriculture refers to the fact that it is possible to produce plants in urban areas. In other words, the Graines de changements app shows students how to grow plants in the city. Nature Québec and our team planned many ways for them to learn.

First of all, the app is colorful and has nice illustrations. The user interface fits with the target audience. For example, the iPad app showcases urban agriculture tutorials. White halos surround the tutorials. This way, students can start their own garden. When the student selects an item, a tutorial appears. The tutorial shows every step, with short and clear explanations. Also, the student sees the material used to build his garden. Besides, the little bee explains details for the student. It is always there to guide students in their learning.

Subsequently, students can learn theory aspects of urban agriculture. They can select other elements such as a tree or a recycling bin. For example, after selecting the recycling bin, the student can read an illustrated explanation of the recycling cycle. In short, the iPad app has many ways to teach students about urban agriculture. The Graines de changements app combines theory and practice. Students learn in a fun, pleasant and interactive way.

In short, Nature Québec provides easy and complete learning for students. The educational package takes a new form with the iPad app. Therefore, more people are aware of urban agriculture. The app involves students and teachers in their community life. Also, they take care of the environment around them. Urban farming offers to make food as local as possible. Moreover, it adds greenery to cities. On another note, our company also cares about nature. Nomade Solutions Mobiles reduces the use of paper throughout their work. With the Graines de changements app, we ensure intuitive learning and user friendly experience for its users. Hopefully, more people will become aware of the environment surrounding us.

About the client

Nature Québec is a non-profit organization located in Quebec. Their mission is to protect the environment. The organization promotes the conservation of nature. In addition, it promotes the sustainable use of resources. Nature Québec has over 50,000 members and more than one hundred affiliates. The organization is sensitive to all environments.