Hockey Québec

In the first place, Hockey Québec provides training for hockey players. Since 1976, the MAHG program provides technical and practical lessons. The organization wishes to continue to provide quality training. Thus, Hockey Québec asked Nomade Solutions Mobiles’ expertise. Together, we created a mobile app for all kinds of hockey players. We pushed the MAHG program one step further. Users need a mobile app who fulfills their needs. Discover the MAHG app with us.

First, MAHG means ice hockey learning method. In French, it is called Méthode d’apprentissage du hockey sur glace. In general, the program includes four MAHG programs as lessons. A program contains a number of lessons. Each lesson consists of a variety of exercises. The lessons take the appearance of games, courses, tours and more. Our team chose a minimalist approach at the user interface (UI). The user quickly sees the name of the exercise, the type and the duration. When the user selects a particular lesson, details show up. The MAHG app shows the category, key points, a diagram and description. Everything is simple.

Moreover, the MAHG app includes a section named “Player Development”. In this section, the player has access to technical gestures and long-term development plans. Depending on the level of the player, the mobile app offers a variety of resources. In the detailed page of a technical gesture, the player can view a short video of the gesture. The page also displays the key points and common mistakes. In fact, with a wide range of exercises, the player easily learns, without tiring.

In other words, the organization follows the technological wave. By doing so, Hockey Québec ensures up-to-date learning. The MAHG program is offered in all regions of Quebec, including in the form of a mobile app. Children can use the app as a trainer. The MAHG app is essential for any young aspiring hockey player. Indeed, this tool will make a difference for all kinds of players. Now, players have everything they need to progress in their favorite sport.

About the client

Hockey Québec is an organization for hockey leagues around the province. They are also known as the Ice Hockey Federation of Quebec. Since 1976, the organization prioritizes the implementation and monitoring of programs. It promotes the player’s development through hockey. As a leader, its mission is to ensure coaching in ice hockey. In addition, the organization is a member of Hockey Canada.

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