Since the arrival of social networks, users show great importance to their contact networks. Also, social networks allow people to meet again. Although they promote online discussions, what about new meetings? Despite the ease of contact in social networks, it is not easy to approach a new person. The Mimosa app meets these needs. The Nomade Solutions Mobiles team developed a mobile app for this target clientele.

First, the Mimosa app is an iPhone and iPad app. The app gives great importance to proximity. Of course, the app allows the user to find out who is in his neighborhood. The user can adjust his search criterias to filter the results. Then, he message people directly. In summary, users discover people who share their interests and passions. Everything is nearby. No need to go too far away.

In order to make Mimosa stand out, the team found a strategy adapted to the needs of the target audience. A photographic profile shows the user’s profile in an interesting way. Different pictures show their interests. Therefore, their interests form a beautiful custom tile. At a glance, users can get an idea of the person’s profile visually. Moreover, the mobile app is an entirely original social network made in Quebec. The Mimosa app is unique.
To sum up the parts, Mimosa’s user interface (UI) is rich. Users can quickly discover people around them. In addition, they easily come in contact with them. The picture tile clearly shows the passions of the user. The experience is nice and everything is easy to use. Starting today, discover new people near you. The Mimosa app is available on iPhone and iPad.