First, the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute Research Centre (CRIUCPQ) is always in search of discoveries to prevent and cure. In order to continue their mission, the Centre contacted Nomade Solutions Mobiles to create a mobile app for healthcare professionals. Gilles Côté, general practitioner and medical adviser, as well as the Research Chair of knowledge transfer, education and prevention in respiratory and cardiovascular health at Université Laval, work together in this project. Here is OMNI, the medical app for cardiopulmonary diseases.

Above all, OMNI is a medical app for primary care health professionals. It offers treatment advice for cardiorespiratory diseases. In addition, it contains useful guidelines for patients. They are accessible through the online store inside the mobile app. Then, the user can buy guides to build his library of resources. Professionals can view guides at all times. Moreover, it is possible to take notes in the guide. The OMNI app provides all the tools a healthcare professional needs.

In general, the OMNI app comes in a bright and efficient design. The app contains a notebook which lets the user take notes. Moreover, the user can check his bookmarks. In a bookmark, they can write down important information. In the News section, users learn the latest guide releases and warnings. Health professionals can stay up to date with cardiorespiratory diseases treatments.

Finally, OMNI is an essential tool for professionals who treat cardiorespiratory diseases. They have access to the latest treatment guidelines at all times. Moreover, a mobile app is a good alternative to transform traditional tools. The Nomade Solutions Mobiles team always ensures to provide an app related to the needs of the target audience. It is with pride that the team worked with the CRIUCPQ. The mobile app is free, available for iPhone and iPad.

About the client

The CRIUCPQ is the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute Research Centre. It regroups three research components: in cardiology, respiratory medicine, and obesity/metabolism. These three areas are global priorities in the health field. This is why the Centre attaches great importance to them. The CRIUCPQ is located in Sainte-Foy, Quebec.