Operation Red Nose

First, did you know that every year, Operation Red Nose makes over 76,000 rides in Canada? Operation Red Nose’s mission is to promote responsible behavior in impaired driving. The organization offers free and confidential chauffeur service to their members. This is their way of promoting responsible behavior. In this case, Operation Red Nose wished to make chauffeur service more accessible for residents. This is where Nomade Solutions Mobiles steps in. Our team is happy to share its expertise in mobile app development and digital strategy for this beautiful community project.

For starters, the main use of the mobile app is for customers to request a ride home. The Red Nose app has a simple design with a quick performance. The app uses the built-in GPS inside all smart phones in a smart way. The app communicates with a Operation Red Nose central with it. In fact, this way, the user is able to communicate with the closest central to him. At the same time, the user can learn the opening hours of the central. If Operation Red Nose is unavailable at the time of the request, users can use the local taxi. The Red Nose app gives the local taxi information to the user. Everything is made to ensure the user’s safe return to his house.

About the Red Nose app ’s features, Desjardins alerts are very useful. They remind the user to find a lift home. Users can set a reminder at a precise time. Then, they can call a friend, a taxi or the Operation Red Nose central to plan his return. In addition, a waiting time estimate is available in several regions. Indeed, the Red Nose app is very useful. We are proud to say that it’s a huge success.  Users can safely go home with this app. They can even take selfies with the Operation Red Nose mascot!

Finally, the Red Nose app is a must-have for the holidays. You can download the iPhone app or the Android app, depending on your smart phone. All things considered, a mobile app is a modern solution to capture your target audience.  Especially if they use technology daily. Nomade Solutions Mobiles is with your business at each step of a mobile app’s creation. From UI design to development, we make sure our digital strategy fits with your business and your users’ needs.


About the client

Operation Red Nose is a nonprofit organization who provides free chauffeur service during the holiday season. Also, the organization fights against impaired driving with its campaigns, its services and information. Moreover, many Canadians return to their home safely since 1984. Operation Red Nose’s services are rendered by the community for the community. Every year, 55,000 Canadians volunteer for Operation Red Nose. Also, it is supported by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and Desjardins.

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