Orléans Express

Orléans Express, one of the largest public coach carriers in Quebec and Canada, has decided to put forward its new visual identity. Faced with this change, the company has again used our services to update the visual of the mobile application. We also revisited the user experience, to provide a more user-friendly and easy-to-use application, highlighting the update of the visual identity.

As part of this second mandate, our goal was to turn the mobile app into a travel companion. Throughout the development process of this project, our goal was to be in the pocket of the user at the right time and the right place to inform, entertain and simplify his life. To achieve this, we’ve added several new features, such as the addition of notifications, a more fun reward section, the Apple Wallet (on iOS only), network status and an on-boarding section.

Apart from having access to the overall network status, the user now has access to a new smart ticket system. Indeed, users are now notified of any delay, cancellation or departure under conditions based on tickets added to their account, which makes the user experience more reliable and personalized. In addition, it is now easier to add or edit a ticket with a much more intuitive interface for the user. This modification of the interface now makes it possible to reduce the number of pages to go in order to present his ticket upon departure.

Once in the bus, the application now offers the user to enjoy free music lists by accessing the on-boarding section. In addition, Orléans Express’s new reward zone allows the user to view the badges he has acquired during his travels, but also to answer surveys or to share the article of the month in exchange for reward points.


Take a look at our Behance page to see the the micro-animations we’ve developed for this app here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/69309073/Orlans-Express?


This update allows the application to become an essential tool for any Orléans Express user.




Regarding the client

Since 2012, the group belongs to the Keolis Group, which develops tailor-made mobility solutions tailored to travellers and their expectations. Annually in Quebec, Orléans Express uses almost 49 million coaches with nearly 49 million coaches and carries nearly 600,000 passengers. The company has 125 experienced drivers who travel more than 9 million kilometers each year, covering more than 35 destinations served in Quebec, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.