Radio X

Above all, Radio X is one of the people’s favorite radio station in Quebec. After a slight loss of listeners, the RNC MEDIA group needed to fix the situation. They needed to retain customers and win the heart of new listeners. This is how RNC MEDIA requestedNomade Solutions Mobiles’ expertise for an up-to-date mobile application. Overall, the team found a digital strategy which suited their needs. Users must live the best radio broadcast live experience.

First, it is undeniable that Radio X mobile app has to be available as an iPhone app and an Android app. Based on the digital strategy, our goal is to keep the user’s attention as long as possible. RNC MEDIA and Nomade (ourselves) decided that all programs from Radio X need to be available on the mobile app. For this reason, listeners have access to all programs previously broadcast.

When it comes to the new features, users can customize their smart phones with exclusive ringtones. Also, promotions, contests and videos are available in the Extras section. In other words, it is a bonus section.

Additionally, Radio X mobile app provides the ability to become a Reporter. The team invites the audience to send pictures and videos to the hosts. This is an opportunity to make it to the headlines. Moreover, our developers worked hard on the main tool of the app. They reviewed the live broadcast development to offer the best user experience (UX). Finally, it is possible to choose a show and browse through past sessions. If you missed your favorite show, you can get it back!

Following the NUMÉRIS polls in May 2016, Radio X stood out. Among the radio stations in Quebec, the station ranked 2nd in the overall standings. In other words, a 25% increase in listeners allowed Radio X’s great position.Nomade Solutions Mobiles is proud to contribute to their success. Mobile app development, along with good user interface design, can truly change your business.


About the client

Radio X is a radio station in Quebec owned by RNC MEDIA since 2006. The station was founded in 1949. Since then, it entertains Quebec with its relevant opinion on topics of current events. In addition, Radio X is known for its strong personality in the capital.