Taxi Coop

Taxi Coop Québec 525-5191 is the leader in the taxi market in Quebec city. The cooperative strives for innovation and improvement. This is why they requested Nomade Solutions Mobiles’ expertise. To keep up with the competition, the company wishes to update their existing mobile app, The Taxi Coop app. The Taxi Coop app is free and available to local residents.

First, the team needed to update the mobile app’s user interface and features. In essence, the whole app must focus on the core feature. Of course, taxi order is the main thing. Second, we want to guarantee a top-notch user experience throughout the Taxi Coop app. With this in mind, our team developed the mobile app in order to make taxi orders quickly and easily. The geolocation in the smart phone acts as the location of the user. Also, it acts as the meeting point with the taxi. Afterwards, the mobile app requests the address confirmation and order specifications. At this stage, the user can select the type of car and payment method. The user can select other details he wishes to specify as well. He can add notes for the driver if necessary. Then, the user confirms the order and voila. All he needs to do is to wait.

On another note, we kept in mind that personalization is a key element to the mobile app. In the new Taxi Coop app, the user can add his favorite courses. For example, he can assign a course for his home, work, parents… everything is possible! Furthermore, the user can pay his ride on his smart phone. At the « My cards » section, add your credit card information. Complete your payment with a tap after the ride. Everything with Taxi Coop app is very easy. We believe this is what users look forward to.

Subsequently, here is another important feature. The user knows where the Taxi is in real time. All details are shown every single second. When the taxi is 1 kilometer away from the location, the user receives a notification. Also, the user can recognize his taxi by looking at the driver’s info in the tracking page. Finally, when the ride is over, the user completes his payment. Then, he gets to evaluate the driver. Afterwards, he receives the receipt on his e-mail address. The Taxi Coop app is very handy. Users order taxis in a few taps and it gets them wherever they are going. It is available as an iPhone app and an Android app.

In summary, Taxi Coop and Nomade Solutions Mobiles created this digital strategy together. The company must stay ahead of the competition. Also, it must stay up to date with its users. Today, the Taxi Coop app is the perfect tool to order a taxi in Quebec. The team developed the app in a way to provide a fast and efficient solution.

Besides, customers won’t have to worry anymore about calling a specific taxi company. Cooperatives from Sainte-Foy, Beauport, Charlesbourg, Val-Bélair and Lévis joined the Taxi Coop app. In other words, this represents more than 500 drivers! The Taxi coop app is the easiest and most efficient way to order a cab in Quebec city. As you can see, when it comes to modernizing a company’s tools, developing a mobile app is a good solution.

About the client

Taxi Coop Québec 525-5191 is a cooperative of taxi founded in 1945. It brings together over 300 owners that provide transportation service by taxi in the territory of Quebec City. Employees and drivers provide exceptional and personalized customer service. Also, Taxi Coop offers a valet service with the Taxi Valet app. To clarify, it is similar to the Taxi Coop app. However, the Taxi Valet app is dedicated for Quebec city’s businesses such as restaurants, bars and hotels.