The Point Of Sale

Above all, The Point of sale is an embedded ticketing service. It is a platform for all kinds of shows. Initially, ticketing was available in the form of a website. In front of the technology wave, The Point of sale wanted to provide something more to event organizers. Nomade Solutions Mobiles had to create a mobile app that allows producers to organize their events successfully. In short, app had to be concise and useful to this audience.

First, the Nomade Solutions Mobiles team simplified the app to its basics. The goal is to reduce the most steps to offer an outstanding user experience (UX). So the first page lists the events organized by the user. He can see the date, place and name of the event. The user sees all in one glance. There is no need to go further. Everything is in a single place.

Undoubtedly, the most important element is the ticket validation. This is the element that the user should see first. At first glance, app indicates the number of validated tickets. What about for the validation process? It is very simple. The app allows the user to scan tickets using the integrated scanner. In order to provide an extraordinary user experience (UX), the Nomade Solutions Mobiles team planned it all. If there is a problem during the scan, the user can enter the ticket code manually. Handy, isn’t it?

In conclusion, app is a tool for event producers. With its simplicity, the user has access to a highly interesting mobile app for event management. Now everything can be done with a smartphone. The app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

About the client

The Point of sale is a ticket selling platform for shows and events. The platform is developed in Quebec. It provides a service for event organizers to facilitate the process. The team has a wide range of entertainment for all tastes. Since 2010, The Point of sale is the springboard for successful events.