Université Laval

First, Université Laval is a recognized institution in Quebec. Over the years, it has trained and graduated nearly 280 000 people. Also, it offers more than 500 programs from 17 faculties. The university covers all possible areas for students. Every year, it receives more than 48 000 students on the campus. Indeed, there is a large number of people. The university makes sure to train and guide students throughout their studies. Members of the Nomade Solutions Mobiles team know how complex university life can be. That’s why we built the Université Laval app. Our members graduated from there. We have a good idea of what’s going to help the students.

First thing to remember, the purpose of this mobile app is to provide everything students need. They can use this app during their studies or even after. To that end, students can view an interactive map of the campus. It allows them to find a pavilion easily. Also, the user can search a pavilion. Then, the Université Laval app shows the position of the pavilion. You can find your way easily. In addition, the app knows the position of the user. Thanks to geolocation, students can move effectively around the campus.

Furthermore, the Université Laval app allows students to see the campus’ headlines. Also, students have the opportunity to view videos. In addition, the app keeps them informed of important events on the calendar. Also, they can access to the Placement service (SPLA). It is one of the greatest services of Université Laval. Another feature is the search in the directory of students and employees. Everyone can email or call the recipient with ease. In the end, this mobile app is also useful for the academic community. Even citizens can benefit from the app.

Université Laval is the first university in Quebec which has its own iPhone app. Our team kept the students in mind when developing this app. The Université Laval app is perfect for back-to-school or for carefree studies. This app has definitely helped students during his years of service. The team is happy to have helped out.